Top 10 Best Smart Locks for 2019


After two years of testing our smart key picks on promising new models, we made Yale YDR256 SL Connected Assure by August as our pick as the Best Smart Locks. Of all the smart keys we’ve tested, Assure SL is closest to hitting the sweet spot of comfort, safety, reliability and aesthetics. Unlike other keypads, the sleek and discreet greenhouse and metal are actually a stylish addition to the front door, and once installed, this is a fast and almost unhindered way to unlock the door without tinkering with the key.

Yale Assure SL combines Yale’s hardware security pieces with January’s smart home skills. It connects to your Wi-Fi network (via bridge Connect), allowing you to control keys and manage access codes remotely.

This ability to manage or even create new code quickly makes it very suitable for homeowners who like holidays and short-term rental properties. The included August module makes the key widely compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, HomeKit, and other smart devices. Opening the lock was simple, and the mechanism was much quieter than almost every other key we had tested.

We also like the DoorSense accessory, which allows the lock to know if the door is open so the deadbolt doesn’t move before it closes. While we really like the feel of the resistive-style keypad found on the Schlage key, the other features, reliability and aesthetics of Yale Assure SL make it a much better purchase for most people.

1. August Smart Lock (3rd Gen)

A budget option for an existing deadbolt

$135 From Amazon

August Smart Lock (3rd Gen)
August Smart Lock (3rd Gen)

If you are a tenant who is not allowed to change keys (or homeowners who do not want to), the third generation of August Smart Lock is an additional wallet-friendly from existing deadbolts.

If you are a tenant who is not allowed to change keys (or homeowners who do not want to), the third generation of August Smart Lock is an additional wallet-friendly from existing deadbolts.

This August allows you to maintain your deadbolt and keyway and swap only the thumb rotating mechanism from the inside of the door.

By itself, Smart Lock can be set to unlock when you approach the door and lock back after the door is closed (thanks to the DoorSense magnetic sensor included), but can also be controlled with the August smartphone application or the August Apple Watch application via Bluetooth.

Like Kevo Plus, an optional adapter (August $70 Connection) is required if you want to control the lock when you are not at home, and it allows voice control using Alexa and Google Assistant (unlike other models, August is not compatible with HomeKit or Siri).

2. Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt

A Z-Wave keypad option, with alarm

$169 From Amazon

Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt
Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt

Smart key keypad is an easy and hassle-free way to unlock your door without the need to use a key or access the application, and Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt is the right choice.

Resistive Connect touch screen is our favorite to use between keypad models and fast to open. This is far greater than our other picks, which might override it for a few doors, but the neatness also produces an ANSI Grade 1 rating, usually used for commercial level locks – all other picks are ANSI Grade 2.

Connect is also the only key we test with an alarm that can be configured, with a piercing siren. Connect does not have a special application, so you will need a compatible hub to manage access codes, control locks remotely, or integrate them with other smart devices.

3. Yale Real Living Touchscreen Z

$199 From Amazon

Yale Real Living Touchscreen Z
Yale Real Living Touchscreen Z

Good The Yale Touch Screen Real Living Z-Wave Deadbolt features a sophisticated design, can speak three languages, and offers easy-to-use controls.

The Bad Like many smart deadbolts, this Yale key is quite large, requiring a lot of real estate on the inside of your door. In addition, you will not be able to schedule temporary access codes unless you use the right type of home control device.

The point is if you are looking for a higher level of comfort than your key, but you do not want to pay a monthly fee, then you want to give this deadline for your consideration.

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4. Yale Assure SL

This lock is extremely attractive and easy to use

$243 From Amazon

Yale Assure SL
Yale Assure SL

This key is suitable for those who are looking for a simple but elegant looking key, when paired with a Network Module, it functions with your smart home’s settings. However, it’s rather expensive at $200 – it’s $250 if you buy a module and lock it together.

This device has a silver, polished brass, or bronze that is rubbed with oil and features a numeric keypad that lights up when you press the lower left corner. The keypad is easily visible even in bright sunlight or at night. When no one presses the numbers on the keypad, the numbers disappear, and it’s just a shining front display.

5. Kwikset Kevo Contemporary

The Kevo Contemporary means you can do away with keys to your front door.

$150 From Amazon

Kwikset Kevo Contemporary
Kwikset Kevo Contemporary

Kwikset, one of the largest key manufacturers in the United States, has created a sleek modern key with a one-touch locking feature that does not require a single key. It is available in four colors – Iron Black, Venetian Bronze, Chrome Polished, and Satin Nickel. Although Kevo Contemporary is rather clumsy, measuring 5.75 x 2.75 x 1.4 inches, it still has an attractive appearance and overall quality.

With key-lock and unlock, various types of eKey that allow you to give visitors access to your home, lock status notifications, remote options, and integrate with a variety of smart home devices, Kevo Contemporary offers many smart features. However, you need Kevo Plus for remote access and monitoring, which is an additional $ 100 fee.

The installation process is one of the things we really like about Kevo Contemporary. The Kevo application asks you about your door to provide a customized installation experience. This gives you instructions designed for your unique settings.

The parts are also labeled and packaged separately, so you can easily find what you need when you need it during the installation. This makes the whole installation process quick and easy.

6. August Pro Smart Lock Third Generation

This lock comes with a Wi-Fi bridge that supports several connections and includes a well-designed app.

$182 From Amazon

  • August Pro Smart Lock Third Generation
    August Pro Smart Lock Third Generation

Smart Lock Pro August can be one of the best sophisticated smart locks on the market. When bundled with the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, it can support HomeKit, Bluetooth and Z-Wave Plus connections. Enhancements allow Pro to communicate with many smart home devices (for example, turning off your thermostat when you leave for work).

This device also includes automatic unlock, smartphone control, and virtual keys. The new feature called DoorSense involves sensors that can tell when your door is open or closed and tells you how long the door is opened. This can also tell you if someone has forced it open.

Maybe one of the best things about Pro, is the application. It’s very easy to use, with large buttons that facilitate one-tap lock or unlock your door. The color is red when the door is locked, and green when open. This is a kind of simplicity that is worthy of being accepted by busy households

7. SoHoMiLL YL 99

Best Affordable Door Lock

$95 From Amzon

  • SoHoMiLL YL 99
    SoHoMiLL YL 99

I think there is a need to provide smart locks to those who value affordability, and there may not be a better product than the SoHoMiLL YL 99 because of its ability to provide various benefits to users.

SoHoMiLL YL 99 allows you to set up to 10 codes to unlock the door, one of which is the master code. This master code has control over all other passwords and can be used to change them.

Therefore, if you want to code your family without having to compromise with your privacy, you can give them a user pin and change it when your needs expire.

The fact that it does not offer Bluetooth connectivity may be a deterrent for some people. However, you should see the key as an upgraded version of the traditional key. Because it does not include additional features, the product manufacturer instead focuses on ensuring that the locks increase the security of your hose with many folds, and have succeeded in doing so.

8. Samsung SHS P718

Best Smart Lock 2019

$419 From Amzon

  • Samsung SHS P718
    Samsung SHS P718

When you hear Samsung, you imagine that the product is of high quality and also a leader in technology. However, Samsung is one of the first to take part in turning devices around us into smart systems. I found that this digital door lock successfully enforced Samsung’s legacy.

The feature that attracted me to this particular key, rather than other similar products in the Samsung portfolio, is the fact that the SHS-P718 offers the ability to connect with the Samsung Smart Home system. This means you integrate your door lock with systems such as security sensors and video cameras. This feature creates a holistic home security system that can improve security.

In addition, you can use the Samsung application to access information such as who entered the system when you left. Remember, only the person you authorize to access can unlock the system. However, it’s still good to know who entered your house when you weren’t there.

Personally, I like the various ways that allow Samsung users to unlock the system. You can do this by using a fingerprint, key fob or designated pin. The fingerprint option itself is very safe because the key fob tends to be misplaced and the intruder may be able to work around the pin as well. But fingerprints? Impossible.

For those of you who want to give this fingerprint access to your relatives and loved ones, you will find the option of 100 fingerprints to be comfortable. You will have control through an application about fingerprints that can be used to access the lock system, and you can retrieve this access whenever you want.

Digital keys also provide comfort by understanding that some people tend to remember pins with given numbers. For example, I can only remember pins that have five digits in them. This key can have pins as low as four digits and as high as twelve digits.

However, one of the main features of this product is also one that makes selective use for certain types of doors. The best smart lock design is such that it can only work with a handle rather than a door that has a knob. Therefore, if your door has a knob, you might want to turn it into a handle if you think the product is worth it.

9. Danalock

Bluetooth Low Energy Smart Lock

$229 From Amazon

  • Danalock

The shiny black exterior gives the impression of a door knob, this Bluetooth smart locks has managed to receive excellent reviews because of its exceptional quality and performance.

Many of you may be looking for sophistication in decorating their homes. Not all of us would rather have a flashy key. Those of you who crave elegance on every item they buy will find the simple black design of this product satisfying.

This key can be operated in various ways. You can open the lock manually using the button, operate it via Bluetooth or use the touchpad on the product. Bluetooth smart connect is the most convenient choice.

One thing I have noticed while searching for smart locks is how most products offer guest keys limited to users. However, this smart key allows you to send unlimited electronic keys. However, this does not mean you will give them access to a variety of key features. Only you will have control over the settings, and you can use this power to give your family full or limited access to your security system.

You can check the daily logins of different guests along with other information about the keys with the help of the Danalock application which can be operated both on your mobile and in the web browser. On top of all these benefits, this product does not require you to remove the existing door hardware. Instead, this works well with all types of deadbolts installed.

10.  Lockitron Bolt

Automatic Smart Door Lock

$78 From Amazon

Lockitron Bolt
Lockitron Bolt

There is a big possibility that you have never heard of this smart key or company. Because this is quite new on the market. However, from what I have heard and experienced, it may be one of the smart keys that must be taken into account if it fulfills the promise of its quality.

Although this list is dominated by premium items, this beginner’s key has been to successfully offer all the features needed at a very affordable cost. There are many of us who want a cost-effective home security system, and this might be a good place to start.

Moreover, the design of the product is quite modern. It is a perfect blend of high technology and style. This might act as a great addition to your home decor. Cream and white colors tend to complement most door colors.

This key has a complete keyless design that is the heart of any smart key. Because the smart key must be installed on the interior side of the door, the key is safe from exposure to intruders and may not be damaged if you are not there.

What I like about this smart key is the fact that smart keys aren’t locked automatically when you come to your home. This makes going home after shopping is not a nightmare because you no longer need to look for keys when you try to balance various shopping bags. Entering without hands and without keys is clearly the future.

Most other keys are equipped with separate key sets. However, this brand seeks to make bolts that match your current traditional key to provide you with a backup. In addition, the Lockitron application allows you to stay informed about who entered your home.


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