Car Insurance Claims Burning

Terms and Procedure for Car Insurance Claims Burning During an Accident

The car caught fire during an accident due to a leak in the fuel and engine oil lines.

The risk of a car catching fire can happen to all vehicle owners.

Like the case of an accident that occurred in the Cipularang toll road KM 92, Purwakarta, West Java, Monday (2/9/2019), there were reportedly six cars that were on fire.

You can breathe a little relieved if you protect the car with insurance.

because the insurance company guarantees loss in accordance with what is stated on the policy.

“Coverage for losses due to fire is based on the principle of Proximity Cause, meaning that you must find out in advance why a car can catch fire,” said Laurentius Iwan Pranoto, Head of Communication & Event, Astra Garda Oto Insurance.

Meanwhile according to Julian Noor, Executive Director of the Indonesian General Insurance Association (AAUI) in the 359th edition of Auto Bild Indonesia magazine there are several stages of the insurance claim process that must be carried out when a car experiences a fire event.

Here are some stages of the process that you can do for insurance claims when you experience a burning car.

1. Report

You must immediately report the incident to the guarantor.

This preliminary report can be submitted verbally or by letter, telephone, facsimile and others.

2. Loss report

Next, you must fill out a written statement containing what you know about the loss / damage caused by the incident, and the form is prepared by the guarantor (the insurance company).

3. Claim supporting documents

Insured must submit supporting documents claim to the guarantor.

For example notebooks, photos of losses, reports from the police and so on.

4. Research insurance policies

After receiving notification of loss, the guarantor will conduct research on the validity of the policy.

What does the guarantor have an interest in for the object that has experienced a fire?

Does the fire occur during the period of coverage

Is the premium paid?

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5. Appointment loss adjuster

From the survey results it will be known whether the claim is a simple or complicated case. If simple, then the claim will be handled by the insurance company.

However, if complicated or the amount is large enough or handling claims will take a long time, then the claim assessment is submitted to the designated loss adjuster
by the guarantor with notice to the insured.

Both for claims cases handled by insurance companies and loss adjusters, the insured must continue to provide supporting documents for the claims.

The next stage is the guarantor studies the report from the loss adjuster.

6. Submission

From the claim handling process both by the guarantor itself and the loss adjuster, the validity of the claim will be known.

In the event that the claim is considered valid, the guarantor will notify the insured the amount of compensation paid or the responsibility of the guarantor.

However, if the claim is invalid, the guarantor will notify the insured that the claim is rejected along with the reasons.

If the amount of compensation paid is not agreed upon by the insured, the insured has the right to appoint a loss accessor to reassess the loss.

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7. Completion

After an agreement is reached on the amount of compensation, the insurer will prepare the claim payment.

The guarantor will carry out compensation payment no later than the stipulated deadline.