Proper Car Protection with Insurance

Car Protection Insurance – Having a private vehicle that has long been a dream must be a matter of pride. Especially if to get it through a series of long and struggle-filled processes. Starting from having to save first to save money all the time.

The car does not only act as a vehicle to support our daily mobility. But also, as a valuable asset. Especially with the rise of the online transportation industry, cars can be a capital seeking additional income. Therefore, the car also deserves protection.

Of course, vehicle insurance is an option to protect valuable property. This insurance policy will be a protection for our vehicles when unexpected things such as accidents occur.

Keep in mind you know, just a little scratched car repair costs are large because it must be repaired thoroughly. Here are some tips for finding vehicle insurance for your car so that your protection is right:

Step Car Protection with Insurance

1. Requirements Analysis

Vehicle insurance policies have advantages and disadvantages of each. Likewise, every person with a car they have must have certain needs and desires for the risk that the car has.

In a vehicle insurance policy, there are usually two choices. Types of vehicle insurance that are all risk or total loss only. All risk is an insurance policy with insurance costs provided for various risks incurred for the car. While the total loss only, coverage is only given to cars that have more than 75% damage.

2. Compare Before Deciding

Vehicle insurance products offered by many insurance companies. For those of you who are new, definitely confused if there are many offers like this. It’s best if you don’t just stick to one company offer. Also compare policies from other insurance companies.

The more choices the easier it will be for you to decide which vehicle insurance policy best suits your vehicle needs.

3. Trust the experts

Still confused?

Ask for recommendations from insurance companies in Indonesia that are appropriate and trusted from the dealer where you purchased the vehicle. They must have a partner insurance company whose credibility they have recognized. In addition, cooperation between the dealer and insurance company will facilitate you in the purchasing process. Maybe even, the dealer will help take care of it directly.

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4. Note the Ease of Claims

Many are reluctant to have insurance for fear that their claims will be difficult. Therefore, there are several things to consider when buying insurance products. Ease of claim is one of them.

The ease of claim can be seen in terms of the time of the claim (when the claim can be made after the accident) and the manner of claim (just use the insurance card and show it at the partner workshop or have to go to the insurance office first).

Some insurance companies have now even implemented digital claims. They have applications for claims that make it easier for us to withdraw funds without the need to come to his office.

5. Light Premium According to Capability

Buying an insurance policy is the same as saving. The difference is, if we save we open an account at a bank and we just need to withdraw money at any time (except deposits and savings plans), whereas if the premium insurance that we pay per month will be deposited at the insurance company and we can only claim when policy benefits are needed. Of course for vehicles, insurance funds will be disbursed when an accident occurs. The amount given as dependents is not as flexible as savings, the amount is limited according to what was agreed upon.

Insurance does not provide full repair costs because the insurance company knows that the risks that have already occurred can happen again later and surely we need more costs. Therefore, the nature of this insurance is mitigating.

In the payment of premiums per month, the amount of premium for each type of insurance varies. Depends on the excess of the policy, including the maximum cover charge that will be given at the time of the claim.

Because we have a choice, then choose the cost of insurance premiums that suit your abilities. Make sure that the premium will not affect the budget we have made each month. So, there will be no complaints from other family members who feel the car is more important than him.