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This is made to make it easier for visitors who want to buy the products they need from the Online Store.

Because we know a lot of the best products from Online Stores that might confuse buyers and instead get what they need instead of getting less needed products.

On this site we use an affiliate link to get commissions from every purchase that uses our link.

Top10Trends was created by Wawan Setiawan, a young man from Indonesia.

About Wawan Setiawan

I am the 4th child of 5 siblings. I was born in 1996 in Ciamis, which until now has been my place of residence.

I entered the world of blogger in 2015, before I became a permanent employee at the Warsah Ciamis company. But I decided to stop working, because the salary I got was only six hundred thousand rupiah a month.

After I became an employee, I tried to find various inspirations from the internet about “how can I get money from the internet”.

then I found several articles about “how to get money from Adsense”, “How to get money from Amazon”, “Tips for success from Teespring” and many others.

But I decided to design a clothing template and I used Adobe Photoshop and Coreldrow to design a clothing template.

I marketed the designs of my clothing templates at Teespring, Spreedshrit, TeePublic, Zazzle and Redbubble, even though my Redbubble account likes being suspended with unclear reasons. But I think maybe it’s because I live in Indonesia or because my paypal account uses VCC.

For several months I got sales for my design, but none of that was enough to help people around me.

For that I decided to go into the world of blogger with the concept of applying advertising in my blog.

My first blogger, smartphones10.com, is my tech news blog and uses adsense ads as a means of my income.

From my first blog, I got $ 200 every month from Adsense, and it helped me a little to help those around me. But that only lasted a few years.

And even more strangely is when I get income from Adsense, the designs that I sell never get buyers.

Yes, maybe I am too focused on blogger, so I forget a few steps I did to get a buyer.

Now this is where I think hard for how I can get income from Adsense and Online Stores in one room.

For that, Top10Trends was created, so in this blog I implemented Adsense and Amazon for my income.

Top10Trends is hosted at Namchaep with a $ 15 Shared Hosting package for the first year. So there might be some obstacles when you try to visit a blog like slow, error and so on.

Honestly I actually want this to be hosted on BlueHost but I don’t have enough money to rent their hosting. But I promise when I have enough money, I will transfer hosting this blog to BlueHost.

The concept of income sharing in this blog is that 25% of the income I get will be given to people in need, 25% will I use for GiveAways, and 50% for families and the needs of this blog.

In life, I am most happy if I can give what people want. So the purpose of this blog is to be able to help people in various forms, namely telling them what products are the best and most needed for them to buy, helping people who need them again (donations to orphanage foundations, building schools and others), helping people who want a product but not money (GiveAways).

If anyone wants to be asked, please contact us.

This is a family that I love

My family
My family

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